Escape and catharsis.
A digital orchestra built in a dream.

Illumination in the aphotic deep.
The synth threads of a new world.
An amalgam of Philip K Dick, DJ Premier, and Brian Eno.

Chapter 1 is both a beginning and breath of fresh air.

Giving the listener the space to exist and experience. A perfect blend of live percussion and synth innovation. Each track becomes a landmark on a lush bionic map exploding with conjured colors and textures.

A multi instrumentalist and singular creative mind, Rain has been on the forefront of challenging what can be done with fidelity. Under the online moniker todays4cast you can find “The And // Chapter 1" everywhere digital music is sold and streamed.

About Rain

Boston-based producer, Master of Lo-Fi drums, and MIDI wizard

He’s produced for most of your favorite independent rappers and somehow still manages to be one of the kindest men on the planet.

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