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Echo Finch

Adam Arnone

I’ve always wanted to make music. It’s really the only thing that’s ever made me feel like myself.
After spending 15 years in the back of a car or van touring the country in different bands – The Dorian Three, Glue, Adam and the Flood – I decided to shift my focus into producing music in new channels.
Meanwhile, my wife and I settled in a New Hampshire town full of trees and artists. I spent hours driving back roads so my son would nap, on routes that passed abandoned mill buildings. These relics of collective industry gave me an idea. Most musicians I knew worked in small groups, in bands, or by themselves in their own home studios, sometimes spending years on projects that no one would ever hear. There wasn’t a place musicians could go and all work together under one roof. I envisioned bringing together groups of musicians to build a sound library available to license for a wide variety of content creators. To name this creative agency, I looked for words that reminded me of those mill buildings. The state bird is the purple finch, and I came across an old map covered with symbols of the bird. The song of the finch is heard across New Hampshire, and I wanted my company to be like that: you can hear the echo everywhere. Echo Finch. Everything fell into place after the name.
I’ve always been a songwriter and performer, and Echo Finch has allowed me to grow as a composer, producer, sound editor and small business owner. We’ve built a strong local network, producing and scoring podcasts such as Tell Me About Your Kids, Granite State Matters, Freedom Means and The Virtue Field. The original vision of collaboration has expanded to include artists in Boston, Chicago, and California, as well as France and Wales. We’ve scored podcasts that have worldwide reach for Google and Postscript Media. Our music appears in movies such as Ladies and Gentleman, The Rain and on shows for HBO and CBS. And the Echo Finch record label releases sample-free albums for distribution to music supervisors in any form of media you can imagine.