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Echo Finch is a creative agency/record label producing content, managing and facilitating original releases, and helping people and businesses make the soundtrack to their identity. We specialize in building sound libraries, scoring podcasts/films, and audio editing. We believe in fostering strong relationships because working with jerks is the worst.

Echo Finch Collective

Adam Arnone

Peterborough, NH - USA

Founder / Editor / Vocalist / Producer

I’ve always wanted to make music. It’s really the only thing that’s ever made me feel like myself.

After spending 15 years in the back of a car or van touring the country in different bands – The Dorian Three, Glue, Adam and the Flood – I decided to shift my focus into producing music in new channels.

Meanwhile, my wife and I settled in a New Hampshire town full of trees and artists. I spent hours driving back roads so my son would nap, on routes that passed abandoned mill buildings. These relics of collective industry gave me an idea. Most musicians I knew worked in small groups, in bands, or by themselves in their own home studios, sometimes spending years on projects that no one would ever hear. There wasn’t a place musicians could go and all work together under one roof. I envisioned bringing together groups of musicians to build a sound library available to license for a wide variety of content creators. To name this creative agency, I looked for words that reminded me of those mill buildings. The state bird is the purple finch, and I came across an old map covered with symbols of the bird. The song of the finch is heard across New Hampshire, and I wanted my company to be like that: you can hear the echo everywhere. Echo Finch. Everything fell into place after the name.

I’ve always been a songwriter and performer, and Echo Finch has allowed me to grow as a composer, producer, sound editor and small business owner. We’ve built a strong local network, producing and scoring podcasts such as Tell Me About Your Kids, Granite State Matters, Freedom Means and The Virtue Field. The original vision of collaboration has expanded to include artists in Boston, Chicago, and California, as well as France and Wales. We’ve scored podcasts that have worldwide reach for Google and Postscript Media. Our music appears in movies such as Ladies and Gentleman, The Rain and on shows for HBO and CBS. And the Echo Finch record label releases sample-free albums for distribution to music supervisors in any form of media you can imagine.

Bertrand Blanchard

Clermont-FD - France

Graphic Designer

I’m just a France-based graphic designer. I’ve worked with artists, record labels & festivals you may know or not : Son Lux, Anti Pop Consortium, Beans, Yoni Wolf, Fog, Joyful Noise Recordings, Fake Four Inc, Wolfi Jazz Festival…

Come say ‘Hi’ at

Carl Sutton

Penarth - Wales

Graphic Designer

I specialize in creating brands, products and album covers.
I strive to create striking, engaging and thought provoking design through experimentation, attention to detail and client collaboration. I’m obsessed with lines, anatomy, entomology, movies and retro video games.

Services include :

• Album Cover Design
• Poster / Print Design
• Branding / Logo Design
• Apparel & Merch Design
• Packaging Design
• 3D & Animation

Marco Jacobo / Maker

Chicago, IL - USA

Composer / Producer / Engineer / DJ

Music producer, recording artist, DJ, and composer. Maker has spent the past 25 years honing his production talent, releasing a barrage of albums/45s/remixes, and spending a lion’s share of his non-studio time on the road. Emerging from the vital Chicago underground Hip-Hop community of the late 90s, his role as producer naturally kept him behind the scenes, tweaking levels and digging for ‘breaks,’ yet fans quickly began to associate hard, organic drums and deftly chopped/arranged dusty samples with ‘The Sound of Maker.’

Maker's music has found its way onto various TV shows, movies, video games and ad campaigns such as Silicon Valley(HBO), Good Behavior(TNT), Multiple episodes of CSI, Entourage, The Equalizer, South Side, Outer Banks and the current theme song for "Abbott Elementary". Motion pictures such as 21 and Over(2013) The Big Sick(2017), The Last Word (2017) Stuber (2019), Critical Thinking (2020) year-long ad campaign with Coors, and video games such as Forza 3 and Watch Dogs 2 (Microsoft)

RJ Rixey / Rain / Todays4cast

Boston, MA - USA

Composer / Producer

Escape and catharsis. A digital orchestra built in a dream. Illumination in the aphotic deep. The synth threads of a new world. An amalgam of Philip K Dick, DJ Premier, and Brian Eno. Rain's music gives the listener the space to exist and experience. A perfect blend of live percussion and synth innovation. Each track becomes a landmark on a lush bionic map exploding with conjured colors and textures. A multi instrumentalist and singular creative mind, Rain has been on the forefront of challenging what can be done with fidelity.
Jake Sebert

Salt Lake City, UT - USA


Jake has been responsible for the majority of video content EF puts out. His ability and willingness to adapt and evolve for any project he’s given is what makes him special.

Check out more of his work at

Daniel G. Harmann

Seattle, WA - USA


Daniel G. Harmann is a singer/songwriter/composer from Seattle WA, with over ten studio albums under his belt. He specializes in indie rock and ambient with an emotional slant and fat rap beats. And he has the voice of an angel, if that’s your thing.

He also loves dogs.

Jon Braught

Keene, NH - USA


Jon’s relationship with his electric guitar is clearly symbiotic. The sounds they make move toward something bigger.  The music is always unpredictable. Will you hear a stoner influenced wall of fuzz or a gently picked acoustic ballad when he plays? Sometimes you even get both because rules don’t mean much in that kind of space.

Jon’s music is honest and yearning. He weaves stories both lived and imagined into heartfelt lyrics that reflect the emotion of each world he enters. Sometimes brooding, sometimes boastful, sometimes full of swagger and often introspective, Jon is no stranger to laying out the world in its brutal beauty. He’s a devoted student of the melodies and stories of his country influences and then pushes those sounds one step further by weaving them together with a rock’n’roll mentality that bites with sarcasm.

When he’s not writing his own music as Jon Stephens, he also plays with the NH based Modern Fools on lead guitar and backup vocals. You can learn more about them here:


Bay Area, CA - USA

Composer / Producer

JeeJee is an instrumental electronic artist from the Bay Area, California, crafting instrumental trip hop since the early 2000s. Inspired by cinematic soundtracks and the 90s trip hop movement, his music weaves intricate melodies and hypnotic rhythms, transporting listeners to ethereal landscapes. With a commitment to pushing sonic boundaries, JeeJee continues to captivate audiences with his innovative approach to music production, creating immersive moods perfect for any environment.