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603 Metals is a small family run Miscellaneous Metal Fabrication and Welding Shop.

Located at 724 E. Industrial Park Drive, Unit 3 Manchester, New Hampshire 03109.  Craftsmanship being the number one priority.

603 Metals will assist you with design, project management and Installation of your metal fabrication needs.  Be it a simple weld repair or complex metal fabrication job or a production run we can handle your fabrication and welding needs.  If we cannot do it, we know who can. 

We have a close relationship with skilled engineers and draftsmen who can make a dream or difficult project a reality.

Working hand and hand with a variety of craftsmen and contractors we always create the best solution to ensure your metal project comes to completion as designed.

With an eye for detail and a customer mind for budget 603 Metals will guide you through the process and you can be rest assured that your satisfaction is always our priority.

About The Owner

603 Metals, Manchester NH Brian

Owner Brian McKenna comes from a long line of entrepreneurial metal fabricators.

As a matter of fact, on Brian has found blood lines to Bronze workers in Ireland of the 1700’s.  More recent ties are to his great grandfather, Eddy F. Labrie.  Eddie was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts; the family migrated to Quebec and took up blacksmithing.  Being a young man Eddy decided he wanted to see California and started out on train to fulfill this dream.  Soon into his trip Eddie landed in Nashua, NH as a place to earn the funds he needed to further his journey west.  Asking the conductor where he could find the nearest blacksmith shop Eddy was directed up the hill from the train. Eddie walked over to the blacksmiths shop where he proved his skill on the anvil and got the job.  Not only did Eddie get a job from the local blacksmith named Fortin but he soon captured the heart of the blacksmiths daughter and took her as his wife.  Fortin was Brian’s great-great grandfather.  Eventually Eddie took over the Shop and over the years turned it into a major truck body manufacturing company where he taught his son and son-in-law the trade. Owner Brian McKenna’s passion for the history of his roots lead him to acquire about the old shop as a space for 603 Metals. Oddly enough the shop was still being occupied by a business that Eddies son sold them. The older gentleman knew Brian’s Great Grandfather and told him some history about the shop. One story that stuck out was in the days of the polio pandemic Eddie would be heard hammering the anvil all hours of the night. Locals later found out Eddie was working for free after-hours making braces for children with polio. The stories of his roots have always intrigued Brian hoping he can leave his mark on time as his ancestors have. To this day there are railings – gates and fences that have stood the test of time that can still be found in the Nashua area. 

Owner Brian McKenna started his metal fabrication career being apprenticed under his uncle Charles Macdonald owner of CJM Custom Shop out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

CJM Custom Shop is well known and distinguished amongst the yachting and marine metal fabrication industry.  Charles Macdonald is recognized internationally for his craftsmanship and high standard in metal fabrication.  Knowing how lucky he was to apprentice under such a master Brian worked diligently with his uncle for several years while he attended welding school at night to attain his certifications. The mega yacht industry will always have a special place in Brian’s heart. Getting to work on such prestigious mega yachts for celebrity clientele as an apprentice truly gave Brian the foundation for being the craftsman he is today.

Once Brian started a family, he moved on from his uncles shop and took a lead fabricator position at a premier dock and gangway shop in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Here he quickly moved into management and learned the ins and outs of managing a large fabrication shop.  He learned large scale manufacturing and project management.  After a few years in Pompano Brian knew it was time to head north and settle where his roots are to start a business.  

In 2016 Brian moved to New Hampshire and started work at a well-respected metal fabrication and design shop in Hudson, New Hampshire.

Brian helped lead many significant metal fabrication projects for world renowned architects, designers, and builders.  Many of the projects Brian was part of have been published in Architectural Digest, Boston Design Guide, and other well respected design journals.  Brian truly appreciated this shop for the ability to hone his skills on such prestigious projects.  After a lot of hard work and preparation Brian and the owner decided it was time for him to move on and open a shop of his own as planned.

In January of 2020 feeling confident that this was the right time Brian opened the doors to 603 Metals at 724 E. Industrial Park Drive, Unit #3 Manchester, New Hampshire 03109.  Little did he realize that the world would soon shut down due to COVID-19.  Brian rose to the challenges a pandemic world puts on small business and managed to build a strong client base through organic growth and quality work.  Not one to settle or become complacent Brian looks forward to the projects and clients of the future.

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