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Music Licensing

Echo Finch understands the value of adding music to your project. We believe it’s the difference maker in whatever you’re trying to achieve. Whether it’s a podcast, television, a feature film, marketing material, personal content, or even public performances we’ll find exactly what you need. The majority of our works comes from making custom music (we like this the best), but we also have a deep sound library to choose from if that works better for your project/budget.

Our goal is to make the creative process for you and your business/client as simple as possible. We respect and work well with everyone at all levels.

The transaction goes beyond just music. It’s about building relationships.

Our Clients

Firelight Theatre
Terra Nova Coffee
Macdowell Colony
Harris Center
Simon Kids
Astra Publishing House
Sandra Neil Wallace
The Virtue Field
The Carbon Copy
Tell Me About Your Kids
Freedom Means…
Granite State Matters
Tricia Rose Burt
The Interchange
Client : Firelight Theatre
Client : Terra Nova Coffee
Client : Macdowell Colony
Client : Harris Center
Client : Terra Nova Coffee
Client : Simon Kids
Client : Terra Nova Coffee
Client : Terra Nova Coffee
Client : Astra Publishing House
Client : Sandra Neil Wallace
Client : Firelight Theatre
Client : Tricia Rose Burt
Client : The Virtue Field
Client : The Carbon Copy
Client : Tell Me About Your Kids
Client : Freedom Means…
Client : Granite State Matters
Client : Google / Where The Internet Lives
Client : The Interchange