Echo Finch

Live from the center of oblivion, Echo Finch, is looking for Dusty drums, and synths to make you feel like you’re time traveling. The in-house production team, with the same name as the agency they represent, make purely instrumental music that can inhabit any space needed. There’s an obvious love an for late 90s trip hop and the drum heavy break beat days of old, but texture and mood is the ultimate goal. From scoring films and podcasts, to creating ambient music for sonic mantras, to breakneck beats for rappers, to blah blah blah blah. Isn’t it strange that there’s a language we have to be fluent in to write one of these? What else do you need to know? Just listen to the examples below. We probably should have said that in the beginning. Well we got there eventually and that’s all that matters. Listen, enjoy, hire, and let’s make bread…together.



Echo Finch – Two Minute Mircales

Echo Finch – 1998

Echo Finch – Day One

Echo Finch – Ten Lives

Echo Finch – Breadwinner